Please note: the positions are only available to people with the requisite experience. For our regular program, open to all people, please submit a booking form after checking packages and availability calendar.

Elephantstay is offering a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable experience working with elephants in the most dynamic working elephant village

Being a part of our organisation is all about dependability and initiative. To be effective and to get the most out of your experience, you must be well prepared.

These positions are important for the elephants, their welfare and conservation, offering optimal learning experience for the successful candidate.

Be sure you are able to meet all requirements before applying to participate.

Due to the nature of the positions, all successful applicants will be subject to a trial period.

We have the following volunteer position on offer, please click on the position for further details.

Volunteer_ Program Operations Officer.pdf (volunteer)
This opportunity is designed for people who enjoy working with people and around elephants. Minimum commitment 4 weeks