Births 2007





Birth No. 32 – 24 December 2007

Well, it would not be Christmas without Santa. At 11:45pm on Christmas Eve, Galaget gave birth to a baby boy. Of course his nick name is Santa and that’s the best Christmas present anyone could hope for! His real name is Plai Phet which means Diamond. he is very precious for certain.

Birth No. 31 – 29 October 2007

A gorgeous baby girl was born to Pang Nongae about 9:00pm. She was not expected so early and the mahout had gone to have a shower only to return to find the baby already wandering over to Dok Mak to say hello! Her name is Pang Chabageow which is a precious Hibiscus flower. 

Birth No. 30 – 26 October 2007

We stayed up for 3 nights running to finally see 23 year old Bounnoi’s baby born at 2:20am. It was incredibly exciting. This huge baby boy is a happy addition to our growing family. Plai Katchathong which means Golden Sceptre. This birth is famous and immortalized in David Adam’s documentary about the Royal Elephant Kraal entitled The Last Mahout

Birth No. 29 – 14 September 2007

Our latest addition is a baby born to Pang Chomanaad late Friday night to coincide with the birthday of the elephant God Ganesha. The baby boy was named Plai Chumpon. Chumpon means an “assembly of troops” and this one made sure we all rallied around!

Birth No. 28 – 30 April 2007

Not to be outdone Kamliphet had a baby boy this morning. Kamliphet gave birth to the Kraal’s first baby, Phetmanee in February 2000. Since then she has had a baby girl, Kamlithong and now a baby boy. What a great mum! His name is Plai Khumpaan which means “the King’s warrior”. 

Birth No. 27 – 28 April 2007

Pang Phootson made sure everyone was kept awake while she groaned with labour pains. And no wonder, her baby girl was a big one! She was named Pang Aigo. As she was geneously sponsored by a Japanese firm.

Birth No. 26 – 9 April 2007

Nampheung and her new baby. Nampheung came home from work on and ran straight to the nursery. She was trying to tell us she was ready to go back as she was about to give birth. Two hours later she did just that and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now thats a smart ele! She was named Pang Soilaya which is a white orchid.