Hall of Fame

With so many elephantstayers returning we decided to acknowledge their contribution and enthusiasm for Elephantstay and our elephants by starting our Hall of Fame as of 26th May 2016.

Ivory Members

  June 13, 2019

We are thrilled to induct our very first IVORY member into our Hall of Fame!! Jenny Dickens first came to Elephantstsy in 2006 and has brought many people over the years with her elephantastic Elephant Encounters groups. We very much value your support, from fundraisers to helping educate people about elephants and especially our friendship over the years. We look forward to many more years of fun weeks spent together. Jumbo congratulations for your commitment and dedication to Rumruay, Pisamy and Loongsap and  all our elephants and Elephantstay.

Testimonials Lynn Exton

Gold Members

Testimonials Jenny Dickens

July 9, 2017

We are very proud to welcome Jenny Dickens to our Hall of Fame.She is our first Gold member with her 15 stays! She looked after Loong Sap many times before her passing and now takes care of Rumruay. Jenny runs Elephant Encounters and has brought many people to experience our life with elephants here you may want to join her group!

Silver Members

Silver member Hall of Fame

January 18th, 2024

Jumbo congratulatulations to Jacqueline Jepson’s induction into our Hall of Fame as a Silver member! Friends often ask “why do you keep going back to Elephantstay?” The answer is simple and can be summed up by three words, THEY ARE GENUINE”. You are immersed in a living working village, which promotes the wellbeing of domesticated Asian Elephants, whilst maintaining the richness of Thai culture. The people are genuine about their love and care of elephants; genuine about their culture, whilst caring and working with elephants on a daily basis. Like Michelle & Ewa who have devoted their lives to helping the survival of these elephants, the people living here do all they can, on a daily basis, to care for these majestic animals. If you are genuine about elephants, you MUST visit and stay at Elephantstay.



March 18th, 2020

Jumbo congratulations to Nancy Alexander to making it into our Silver Hall of Fame 
“I was excited and honoured to be so warmly welcomed back to my home away from home at Elephantstay for the 10th time! The privilege of staying in a true Thai working elephant village, taking care of Rasamee, sleeping with Soiselee right outside my window, watching the talented artistic duo of Pat and Plai Noppakhao (Peter), and interacting with the youngest nursery babies are all reasons that keep drawing me back to Elephantstay to indulge my passion for elephants. Michelle, Ewa and Lexi have such passion and dedication to the elephants and work tirelessly to ensure every guest has the best possible experience, every time.

Testimonials Lynn Exton
Testimonials Erin Green

October 7th, 2019

Jumbo congratulatulations to John Simpson’s induction into our Hall of Fame as a Silver member!  “When people ask me why I keep coming back my simple reply is because this place is real. The whole experience of staying here is real. The people are genuine; genuine about welcoming you and genuine about their life’s work, saving Asian elephants. There is no where in the world where you can be up close and work with elephants in such a safe, friendly environment. I believe in this place and the people working here. Each visit gives me a greater understanding of Thailand, its people and their culture. Every visit is a fun learning experience. Ewa and Michelle are quite amazing and put in a huge effort to make each stay rewarding, and interesting. Elephantstay is now my second home! 



October 22, 2016

Congratulations to Lynn Exton for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a silver member! It is appropriate that Lynn’s 10th visit is for 10 days this time! Elephantstay is Lynn’s happy place, her slice of elephant paradise where she continues to care for her favourite elephant Rasamee.

Testimonials Lynn Exton
Testimonials Erin Green

September 13, 2017

Jumbo Congratulations to Erin Green for being inducted into our Hall of Fame as a silver member!! That is 10 visits looking after Rosukon! Erin only needs 3 words to describe why


December 21, 2017

Jumbo congratulations to Melissa Dowling for achieving Silver status in our Hall of Fame, as this is her tenth visit! Melissa looks after our oldest Elephant Sinuwan her dedication to her is a beautiful thing. Although we and Sinuwan do hope that watermelon will be shared!

Testimonials Melissa Dowling

Bronze Members

Hall of Fame

 February 14th, 2024

“When we were able to finally get time off. Rob asked “where shall we go?” What a silly question!! “Our favourite place in the world of course!” Here at Elephant Stay the experiences and therefore the memories that you make are amazing. Michelle, Ewa, Lexi and Harli between them have such a wealth of knowledge and patience. They treat every single visitor as family and are a joy to learn from. It is the most relaxing place which gives time for reflection and re evaluation of yourself alongside the gentle giants. Will we be back? Think you can answer that one for yourselves. Would I recommend it? In a heartbeat. Where else can you “own” your elephant, take care of its every need and ride on the neck with no reigns or chains? Elephant Stay every time! “




January 3rd, 2024

Jumbo Congratulations to Liz and Kari Orn for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as Bronze members!

The first time I came to Elephantstay 12 years ago I knew I had found my happy place and spiritual home. Over the years we have returned several times but the pandemic meant it has been 8 years since our last stay. When I started planning a special family holiday for my 60th birthday, the place dearest to my heart was Thailand and a return to Elephantstay. “

Bronze members
Robs fifth visit to Elephantstay

  March 26th, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome Rob Dickens into our Hall of Fame as a bronze member! “This is my fifth visit to Elephant Stay. To take care of your own elephant for a full week is an extraordinary experience and a unique gift. The Elephantstay program is run by Michelle, Ewa and Lexi beautifully, where you are made so welcome while helping to conserve elephants and maintain their rightful dignity in Thai culture. The food is delicious too. 5 stars and thank you!” 




February 11th, 2023

Jumbo Congratulations to Serena Dee being inducted our Hall of Fame as a Bronze member! 
Elephanstay is more than a program; it’s a community full of love, a place where, each time I’ve come back for the past decade, I learn, laugh, recharge, and get closer to my precious Rasamee. Rasamee is the most gracious 3000 kg creature you’ll meet, a mother of two, constantly smiling, winking, and of course … eating. When on her, she squeezes her giant ears around my legs to secure me, letting me know she always got my back. Nothing can prepare you to understand the combined grace and power of an elephant. Unlike the many places in South East Asia that run elephant programs, Elephanstay offers a unique opportunity to care for an elephant from sunrise to sunset, living amongst the mahouts and their families, taking away the touristic fuss, and leaving room for a real understanding of the Asian elephant and community of mahout. Til next time ! 

Seren's fifth visit to Elephantstay
Howard's fifth visit to Elephantstay

  April 12th, 2022

Jumbo congratulations to Howard Hopkins for becoming a Bronze Member in our Hall of Fame. Why do I come back to Elephantstay ……. where do I begin, let’s start with the Eles. I can’t say I have a favorite but I do like my Honey.  However all the girls are amazing and all have their own personalities. The experience you have caring, feeding, scrubbing, riding putting to bed makes such a special bond with your elephant. The Elephantstay staff are all fantastic from the mahouts to the housekeeper. I can forget about the busy life we have in Bangkok and just lose myself in Elephantstay. By the way the food is pretty fantastic too  can’t wait to come again and will be back. 
Just to add it has been a great privilege to be with Ewa Michelle and Lexi for the last 3 days they are truly awesome. 


February 23, 2022

Jumbo Congratulations to Mel Hsieh for being inducted into our Hall of Fame on his fifth visit!  I think many can relate to Mel’s experience. “Sometimes there are moments in one’s life when you realize something new is about to become a recurring part of your future. An event, a chance encounter, or simply a fleeting experience that irrevocably changes you, and you know from that moment on, your life has been changed. For me, that was a visit to ElephantStay in 2010″

Mel's fifth visit to Elephantstay

March 11th, 2020

Jumbo congratulations to Debbie Johnson for being inducted into our Hall of Fame as a bronze member for her fifth visit! Debbie says I keep coming back because I love being here doing all I can to help the elephants, living and working in the village is a great experience and it just feels like home being here.

January 20, 2019

Jumbo Congratulations to Tom Exton for being inducted into our Hall of Fame! This is Tom’s eighth visit! We are thrilled that Tom has been inspired to find and fulfill his dreams by coming to Elephantstay. The impact that Elephantstay has on people is always so rewarding for us. Thanks for looking after Oijai this time Tom! 

Testionials Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson
Testionials Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson

Novermber 28, 2018

Jumbo congratulations to Sharlene and Patrick Beath for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as Bronze Members! As Sharlene says “It’s been 8 yrs since our first visit in 2011 and this is our 8th stay here at Elephantstay.
Ever since the 1st visit my love for elephants has increased even more and although Pat only came along to ‘carry the bags’ he has come to love them too – especially Honey.
Each time we return to Elephantstay it is like visiting a close friend that you haven’t seen for awhile. Every visit for us has been different and ever so special. Although having a baby elephant born on my birthday and actually being here to see it is going to be hard to beat with a future visit. JumboCongratulations and thank you for looking after Honey and Rosukon! 

September 19, 2018

 Jumbo congratulations to Gill Appleyard for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! As Gill says “This is my fifth time here because it really does feel like home. And where better to spend 4 weeks but relaxing at home among elephants and their amazing people. I love this experience because it truly is personal and life changing and you really feel a part of things. So much better than being a tourist in a crowd trying to get close to elephant. Here you simply always are. If you want a real experience where you can learn and immerse yourself one hundred percent in caring for and bonding with your own elephant and the real culture then I might just see you here! Thanks Rumruay for letting me look after you!

Testionials Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson

June 11, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome back Alison Plain who is also being inducted into the Elephantstay Hall of Fame as a bronze member! Thank you for coming 6 times! Alison first came in 2007 and has been returning regularly ever since! As she says it is testament in itself that she continues to visit on a regular basis! Thank you for looking after Rosukon and supporting the future of Elephants.

June 11, 2018

Congratulations to Eleanor Morley for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! 
“My sixth visit to Elephantstay and I was able to re-establish my friendship with the delightful Ms. H. This is the third time I have had the privilege and pleasure of spending a week with Honey.
You are always made to feel completely at home by Ewa and Michelle and made to feel part of the Elephantstay family.
You are able to interact closely with your elephant – feed, water, clean and ride, along with overall care as well as learning Thai history and culture of its people and their relationship with elephants, where the staff show complete dedication to the welfare of these magnificent creatures.
Your stay here is always very comfortable and your needs well looked after, and, the food is sensational!
Having stayed here many times myself, it will only take one visit and you know you will return!
My thanks and gratitude to all involved in my week at Elephantstay” 

Testionials Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson

March 23, 2018

Jumbo congratulations to Cathy Green for her fifth visit and entering into our Hall of Fame as a bronze member! Cathy loves Elephantstay because in her words, “As well as visiting with our beautiful girl, Rosukon, I enjoy immersing myself in the Elephantstay village and the rhythms of daily life. After a chat with a friend my daughter and I first came to Elephantstay and one of the most amazing experiences of my life began. Every visit there is more to learn and appreciate” Thank you for your great support Cathy!

February 28, 2018

Jumbo congratulations to Kathy Greenleaf for being inducted into our Hall of Fame as a bronze member. Kathy loves looking after Rosukon and Elephantstay because she loves being in the village observing everything that goes on and contributing to the community. Elephant culture is endlessly fascinating and there are always new things to see, experience and learn

Testionials Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson

February 9, 2018

Congratulations to Elaine Macdonald Hutchinson  for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! This is Elaine’s sixth time at Elephantstay because it is her spiritual home. Just beautiful. Thanks for looking after Oijai its great for her to have an experienced Elestayer 

February 14, 2018

Congratulations to Christine Richer for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! This is Christine fifth time at Elephantstay because she loves Rasamee. She loves it at Elephantstay because it is a place she can fulfill her passion for elephants and especially Rasamee, but also relax from the pressures of life.

Testimonials Christine Richer
Testimonials Sam Pryor


September 17, 2017

Congratulations on Sam Pryor being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member. Sam loves Elephantstay as everytime is different and is better than the last. Of course caring for Rasamee is the best of all!



February 11, 2017

We are thrilled to announce our latest Hall of Fame inductee. Jumbo congratulations to Katherine who has now been to Elephantstay six times! In Katherine’s words “I love coming back to help look after all the elephants. Every time there is something new to experience and see. I especially love spoiling Rumruay with lots of attention and plenty of treats. The staff are always so welcoming, it feels like a second home. I can’t wait for my next trip!”

Testimonials Katherine
Testimonials Nancy Alexander

March 8, 2017

Congratulations to Nancy Alexander for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! Nancy is thrilled to return to Elephantstay for the seventh time. Nancy also says “It has become my home away from home, where I experience a close bond with Rasamee, interact with adorable baby elephants, and stay in a true mahout village. The people and the privilege of spending time with these gentle giants keep drawing me back to fulfill my passion for elephants


October 6, 2016

Congratulations John and Jacqueline who have been inducted into our hall of fame as bronze members! This is John’s seventh time and Jacqueline’s 6th elestay. John and Jacqueline keep coming back because of the elephants and the people. Being able to contribute is a big factor for them. Each time is unique, special and genuine. They love coming back to see their friends who have become family. Special thanks for caring for Honey and Jumpee!

John and Jacqueline
Testimonials Amber Smith

April 2, 2017

Amber Smith has now made it into our Hall of Fame. Taking care of Gatin and now Jintara she has been six times! “My experiences at Elephantstay just keep getting better and better.  People ask why I keep going back and it’s hard to explain, but it honestly feels like going home.  It is an experience unlike anything else where you get to work so closely with such magnificent creatures.  And for me, it’s about building a relationship with my elephant and seeing very dear friends.”

April 4, 2017

Congratulations to Melissa Dowling for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! Melissa was one of the first elestayers and has been returning regularly ever since. Everytime her bond gets stronger and stronger with Sinuwan and it is wonderful that she can give her the special care she requires in her twilight years. Thank you for being such a great support to Elephantstay and our elephants!

Testimonials Melissa Dowling


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