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Elephantstay is situated right in the heart of the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, a working elephant village in Ayutthaya, Thailand. There are many projects here for elephants. The Elephantstay program involves living with, caring for and learning all about elephants.

Your elephant will be relying on you to take care of her and show her the love she deserves, and we will show you how. It doesnt take long to realise how unique each of our elephants are and their personalities will delight and touch your heart. You will learn all the basics of being a mahout, riding, feeding, watering and even bathing elephants in the river.

With over 70 elephants on site and  the diversity of activities at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, you will be able to experience many unique facets of elephant life and culture.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Royal Elephant Kraal Village

You will be issued a comprehensive handbook covering all manner of useful information. Topics include: caring for your elephant; riding techniques; elephant commands; elephant facts; history; and culture. You will also receive a great Elephant Team Member t-shirt.

You will be working with the biggest animal in the world. By learning to take care of them, feeding, watering and bathing you will have a chance to create your own bond with them. Their individuality will teach you about how important it is to contribute to their survival.

The best thing is, you will see where your money goes – straight back to the elephants. It costs 1000 baht per day to feed one elephant. Then there is the mahout, medicine and the cost of running a place that is dedicated to providing first class care and conditions and most importantly a sustainable future for the Royal Kraal Village elephants.

We are also commited to providing you with the most elephantastic and unforgettable experience. By enjoying and emersing yourself in the program, you will be directly contributing to preventing the extinction  of elephants. Now, that is an amazing opportunity. See all the information to make your booking.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village

Corporate program




Elephantstay is now offering Team building and Leadership corporate program.

Elephantstay is pleased to offer a new program specifically tailored to our corporate clients.  The Elephantstay program involves living with, caring for and learning all about elephants.  The corporate program supplements your interaction with the elephants with activities, exercises and coaching from a certified professional coach.  The program will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants.  When you sign up for the program, a coach will contact you to understand the needs of your group and to ensure that the program is customized to you and your team.

Although the program is tailored to your specific needs here are some examples of areas of focus that we recommend

  • Team building-identifying your team, communicating with your team, and working together for success
  • Team leadership-understanding what drives individuals to succeed, determining the unique needs of your employees, and leveraging the strengths of individuals on a team
  • Personal growth-pushing outside your comfort zone, keeping a positive mindset, and communicating effectively

This program is recommended for (but not limited to)  leaders, teams, or individuals looking to enhance their skills.  For an in depth look at the program, more information and pricing, check our website and contact us at elephantstay@elephantstay.com.


Our coach has 25 years experience in the corporate world. See how Lyn and Elephantstay can give your team a unique positive experience that will help make your team stronger and more effective. Learn in a safe yet challenging way to expand your outlook and grow your team by bonding and communicating on a fun new level.



Our elephants

Although we have 60 elephants on site, these are the special elephants in our elehpantstay program that you can look after and form a unique bond with. By keeping our program small you get a unique special experience feeling part of the village not one of the tourists!

Royal Elephant Kraal Village


Date of Birth: c1975 – 1980

Pang Honey joined the Elephantsstay program in 2011. Namphueng means “honey” which is her nickname.

You can find more information about Honey on her Facebook page.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village


Date of Birth: c1975 – 1980

Pang Jumpee joined the Elephantstay program in 2009. Jumpee is a type of flower called White Champaka in English.

You can find more information about Jumpee on her Facebook page.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village


Date of Birth: c1975 – 1980

Pang Yitor joined the Elephantstay program in 2012. Yitor is a type of flower called Oleander in English.

You can find more information about Yitor on her Facebook page.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village


Date of Birth: c1985 – 1990

Pang Rasamee joined the Elephantstay program in 2010. Her name means “ray of light”.

You can find more information about Rasamee on her Facebook page.

Accommodation is situated in the heart of the Royal Elephant Kraal Village. You will love our comfortable, air-conditioned,  bungalows with private bathroom and hot shower. Linen, towels, soap and shampoo are all supplied. All the rooms are as pictured below. We only have eight rooms for guests. Each bungalow is twin share. Facilities include free Wifi and laundry service.
Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Being right in the centre of the Elephant village means people enjoy a very intimate experience and get to be a real part of the village. We also have a communal area for eating and getting together, a perfect vantage point to watch the elephants walking by to the river.
Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Royal Elephant Kraal Village

Ayutthaya Elephant Palace

If you are not wanting to do our regular program, (https://elephantstay.com/bookings/) we suggest you take a ride at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace (Wang Chang). This is where the working elephants from our village give rides in the UNESCO World Heritage Historic Park on Patone Road (located at No. 2 on the Map of Ayutthaya). Rides start at 400 baht for 15 minutes, per person. Open all day, every day, there is no need to book. You can also buy food to feed the elephants and pay to have a special photo with one of our younger elephants. The Ayutthaya Elephant Palace is an important tourist destination and the income from there is vital to supporting all the programs we run for the elephants and their conservation.

The Ayutthaya Elephant Palace is a great model for elephants in the tourist industry. The elephants have access to water for drinking and showers. They get lots of food and treats throughout the day. The elephants get to socialize and get gentle exercise which has scientifically been proven to be important for their wellbeing. The elephants work on a roster basis so get plenty of off time as well.

Since 2000 we have had over 80 successful births. Considering there are only around 4,000 registered elephants in Thailand and limited forest for sustaining wild populations, our breeding program is vital to ensuring elephants survive into the future and that there is genetic diversity amongst the population. The majority of our mothers have given tourists rides until closer or even up to the time they give birth. Which proves how effective the socialization and exercise is to giving successful births.

If you want to visit our nursery, you can at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village,  you can also buy food to feed the elephants.checking-in-to-the-royal-elephant-kraal-village

Without your support, elephants will not survive into the future or for the next generation to appreciate. So please support these magnificent creatures and know your contribution is helping to conserve them in a very real and practical way.

Royal Elephant Kraal Village
Royal Elephant Kraal Village

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