(All prices in Thai Baht)

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1 person/1 elephant
Packages/Season Low High Extra day
1 day   5,000   5,000
3 days/2 nights 15,000 18,000 4,000
7 days/6 nights 25,000 30,000 3,500
14 days/13 nights 48,000 52,000 3,500
2 people /1 elephant
Packages/Season Low High Extra   day
1 day   7,000   7,000
3 days/2 nights 25,000 28,000 7,000
7 days/6 nights 46,000 50,000 6,000
14 days/13 nights 80,000 84,000 6,000
*Family 3 people /1 elephant
Packages/Season Low High Extra day
1 day   8,000   8,000
3 days/2 nights 35,500 40,000 10,500
7 days/6 nights 64,500 72,000  9,000
14 days/13 nights **Email

High Season:  1 November 2024 to 31 May 2025

                          1 November 2023 to 31 May 2024

One Day: 9am to 5pm. Joins our regular program on any day. Please use the booking form below. 

More than one elephant: Please choose a combination of packages.

Extra days: can be booked on request. 

*Family = 3 People must include at least one child 12 years or under. Sharing one elephant.

**Please email for more information..Opt. = Please send us an email regarding more information.


Availability Calendar

Start any day. All bookings subject to availability. Days marked in red are unavailable.

Start and finish time:  9am for 9:30am start. Depart at 5pm. 

Please note dates in black are available. 



Please check the packages section before making your booking.

If we do not have availability, you can request to go on our waiting list.

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To book please send an email to


Please include

1. Names and ages of everyone participating

2. Package you would like 

3. Date (day/month/year) 

We and our elephants look forward to hearing from you! 

If you are booking with less than 24 hours notice.

Please call Ewa +66 (0)806687727 Hours 9am – 5.30pm. 

Thank you!



Useful Information

We will send a confirmation by email once your booking has been received. If you do not receive the confirmation within 3 days, please check your JUNK/SPAM box and contact us again as the internet is not infallible.

Start days:  Every day

Arrival:   9:00am (no exceptions – all must attend induction & safety instructions)

Departure:  5:00 pm

All packages include: caring for an elephant, riding and bathing in the river, t-shirt and handbook for every guest, air conditioned bungalow, twin beds with bathroom and free wifi. All daily meals except breakfast on arrival day and dinner on last day of stay.

Book more than one elephant: Choose a combination of packages.

Extra days:  Can be booked on request.  


Please pay on arrival to Elephantstay. Please note that we ONLY accept cash as we do not have credit card facilities at this stage.

Please note

  • 2 people and Family packages/prices include one (1) elephant
  • Prices are based on twin share accommodation
  • For stays 4 weeks or longer please contact Elephantstay
  • Airfares and transfers are not included in the price
  • Private transport from and to airport or within Thailand can be arranged for an additional fee
  • Ayutthaya has many ATMs which take most credit cards
  • We offer a reasonably priced laundry service
  • We do expect everyone to make arrangements for their own travel insurance

We suggest you bring the following items for your stay:

  • Long, loose comfortable pants for riding the elephant. As they are quite hairy and a bit prickly, long pants are better
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops
  • Spending money (small notes/coins) for extra drinks, snacks, souveniers etc
  • Changes of clothes. You will get wet when you go into the river on the elephant twice a day
  • Tropical strength insect repellent for the evening. We are not a malaria area so you will not need to take anti malaria medicine. However, we do suggest you see your doctor for vaccination recommendations.

For further information


Frequently asked questions

Can I start on a day that is not marked in green?

Only if you are doing a one day package. One day does not include overnight stay. 

How do I get to you?

Please refer to the Getting to Us section

What is the cost for extended stays?

Please check our Packages section for prices and cost of extra days in each package

What should I bring?

Please refer to the useful information section and you can also find some tips on our Facebook Discussion Group.

What’s the best time of year to come?

Please refer to our Weather section.

Can I extend my stay once I am there?

Yes, but it will depend on availability. As we have very limited spaces to not miss out we suggest you book beforehand.

How far ahead do I need to book?

When you decide on your travelling dates, please make a booking as they are subject to availability.

How do I book?

1. Check the availability calendar for your desired dates

2. Choose a package; and

3. Submit a booking form.

Can I pay in another currency?

We are only able to accept payment in Thai Baht. You can check with the XE Currency Converter

Can I pay by credit card?

No, at this stage we do not have the facilities for that.

Is the accommodation air conditioned?

Yes. Please refer to our accommodation section for more information.

Is there internet access?

Yes, we have free wifi.

Can you recommend any hotels in Bangkok or Ayutthaya?

Bangkok: we recommend you check the internet or one of the various travel guides for Thailand to locate a hotel to suit your needs/budget. Also, there are many travel websites with reviews and recommendations by people who have stayed there.

Ayutthaya: we recommend Promtong Mansion for a quieter guesthouse with excellent service, or Tamarind, cute guesthouse with great location across from the UNESCO World Heritage Historical Park and wonderful owners. Again, we would recommend you to try searching the internet  as these may not be the type of accommodation you would prefer. 

To find accommodation in Bangkok or Ayutthaya, you can also check HotelsCombined.

What else is there to do in Thailand?

We suggest you check the internet or travel guides for Thailand.

If there are two of us and we have our own elephant each, do we do things together?


Can I come and stay the night before my program begins the next day?

No. The program begins at 9.30am on the first day when we do our induction.

Can I book a room only ie: not take part in the elephant program?

Yes, however the rates would be the same.

What vaccinations do I need to get? 

We suggest you go to a doctor or travel doctor about vaccinations. We are not a malaria area but it depends on where else you are traveling. You can also check out sites such as the Thai Travel Clinic.

How much time do I get to spend with my elephant?

As much as you like.

Can I play with the baby elephants?


How fit do I need to be to do the program?

Anyone can come and do the program and only do what they feel comfortable and capable of doing. Each individual will have to assess that for themselves as we cannot assess your health or health issues, and decide what you are capable of.

Is there an age requirement to do the program?

No. If you can get here, you can participate.

What can I do to help Elephantstay?

Check our How to Help section for ideas on what you can do to help us.

Can I make a donation?

Yes and are greatly appreciated. All donations go directly to helping our elephants and their needs. Please see our Donate page for more information.

Getting to us

Elephantstay is located at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, Ayutthaya

Getting to us from Bangkok:

The quickest way to get here, if you are located in Bangkok, is by car (it takes about one hour). We recommend that if you want to book a car, you book through us, (one way-1500 baht for a car or 1800 baht for a mini van, price includes expressway tolls). Beware, as generally if you book a car in Bangkok, they are not familiar with Ayutthaya surroundings and will have trouble finding us.

Getting to us from Suvarnabhumi Airport:

The quickest way (1 hour and 20 minutes) is to either take a taxi (you will have to negotiate the price, between 1500 and 3000 baht, depending on your negotiation skills). Or else we can organize a driver and car. (one way -1800 baht for car, 2000 baht for a mini van)

Getting to us from Don Mueng Airport:

We can organize a driver and car (one way-1200 baht for car)

How to get to Elephantstay See google maps 



74/1 ม.3






Making your own way on public transport:

Go to Mo Chit Bus Terminal and then take a minivan to Ayutthaya (no need to book and goes every 30 minutes or when full) (80 baht + luggage, about 1 hour). You then take a tuk tuk from the last stop to the Kraal about 15 minutes. (about 150 baht.

Take a train from Hualumphong Station, to Ayutthaya. The trip takes about 1 hr 20 minutes- 2.5 hrs depending on the type of service. Second class seats (A/C) cost 245-345 baht, third class is just 15-20 baht. No reservations and seats are not guaranteed. Then a tuk tuk, which takes about 20 minutes about 120-150 baht to the Kraal. Not recommended to take in the morning to get to us as it is not  reliable.


Thailand’s weather of course can vary and this is a rough guide only

  • Hot/Dry – March to May
  • Rain – May/June to October
  • Mild – November to February

What to expect during Thailand’s rainy season

  • No rain for a week at a time
  • Night rain and clear days
  • Torrential rains that last 30 minutes to 2 hours, then clearing and sunny
  • Overcast days with little to no rain
  • Two to three days of partial day rain in a week. Especially later in the rainy season
  • You can also check the AccuWeather website for more detailed information on Thailand’s weather.