Births 2010

Birth No. 42 – 3 November 2010

In the midst of disaster a miracle, a baby girl was born to Pang Phootson, about 4am this morning, 3 November 2010, named Pang SaiChon which means great river. She is a healthy and strong baby girl. Lucky she is so strong as due to the floods Phootson had to be evacuated to an area about 2 kilometres away. Not being the most ideal place for a new baby they had to come back to the Kraal where the other mums and babies are temporarily staying. Because of the road being closed to flooding, Phootson and her baby had to walk back to the Royal Elephant Kraal the long way, so five kilometres and three hours later, Phootson and SaiChon finally arrived at the Kraal. Had to post alot of photos this time as it was quite the adventure! An extra special event to celebrate!

Birth No. 41 – 24 August 2010 

IT’S A BOY! Pang Nampet seemed to be pregnant forever! Finally she has given birth to a gorgeous baby boy at 2.30am. She was very excited after the birth and is now being the model mum. Nampet and son have been moved to the nursery so she can get pointers from the other mums on what is in store. He was named Plai KhunChon meaning precious elephant.

Boss (son of Pi Om and Pi Lek) was most pleased as he has just returned from the UK after successfully finishing his masters degree in International Tourism so obviously Nampet was waiting for his return to congratulate him with a new born, the best reward!!! 

Birth No. 40 – 29 March 2010

Plai Wandek had her third baby this morning at 5am. A beautiful baby girl. She is very strong and drinking well. Everyone is happy.

Princess MC Rangsinoppodal Ukol took time to come and see the baby in the afternoon. She has bestowed the nickname Pang La Awn meaning “young one”. Her official name is Kwanjai meaning beloved.