Births 2011

Birth No. 49 – 29 December 2011

Pang Ratri has given birth to her first baby, a healthy boy. She was very unsure of the whole baby thing and was scared to touch her. Pi Om had to help stimulate the little one with massage to get him going whilst mum looked on. Never seen a mum act like this before. She was going right down to baby’s level to eyeball him trying to work out what he was. He was named Plai Supachok, meaning supreme fortune.

Birth No. 48 – 19 December 2011

After so many boys born this year, there has been another boy born. Pang Jumjuree has given birth to a cute, little boy at 3:09am. He is so little Jumjuree’s mahout, Ya, had to help him reach to feed. This is Jumjuree’s third baby. He was named Plai Sriplai, meaning Forest of Blessings.

Birth No. 47 – 8 December 2011

Pang Namphueng has given birth to her third baby, a strong and healthy boy named Plai Saen Laan which means hundred thousand million, As usual, she gave birth early in the night at 9:09pm – one very considerate elephant! Non (her mahout), Neil and others stayed up all night to make sure he didnt wander off too far. CNN had been filming at the Kraal that day and when notified they returned to meet the newest addition to the Kraal. His siblings are Plai Pan Laan and Pang Soilaya. 


Birth No. 46 – 29 October 2011

Another baby was born at King Naresuan Monument Park. Pang Nongae gave birth at 12:09am to a healthy baby boy. Both are doing well. He has been named Plai Boon Rueng which means the glow of fortune.


Birth No. 45 – 12 October 2011

Pang Dok Fai gives birth to a healthy boy during the worst floods in living memory at the famous monument of King Naresuan and Wat Phu Khao Thong. Her baby boy has been named Plai Phu KhaoThong the golden mountain, and nick name of King Naresuan, in honour of the shrine dedicated to the king who saved Ayutthaya approximately 400 years ago.


Birth No. 44 – 15 February 2011

Not to be outdone and being another “special day” Pang Galaget decided to drop her bundle so her little boy could be called Valentine! A big strapping boy with long tail and excellent structure, this is Galaget’s third baby and with same father Plai Jumboon as Angpow so they are officially related. We know there are many Elephantstay team members who will be very excited about this little boy! Galaget being a favourite elephant for many of you out there. As usual mother and baby are doing extremely well! Chorn is a happy daddy AGAIN!!! 

Chorn removes the afterbirth. The afterbirth is washed. Then smoked until dry. Put into the elephant spirit house as an offering to Buddha and then it can be used as a medicine, to help with ailments such as asthma. It is boiled, similar to chinese herbal medicine.

Birth No. 43 – 7 February 2011

A birth so many of our Elephantstayers were looking forward to! Pang Rumruay gave birth to baby number 43, this morning at 4am, Monday 7 February 2011. Being Chinese New Year the healthy baby girl has been nicknamed Pang Angpow after the red envelopes given out at Chinese New Year. The red envelope bears a front image that garners blessings and good wishes to the recipient and contains money.  The money is used to suppress or put down evil spirits.This is Rumruay’s second baby.