Births 2017

Birth No. 70 – 27 December 2017

Welcome to the world little girl! Baitoy had a gorgeous healthy baby at 5am this morning. That makes 70 successful births since 2000. Happy healthy elephants breed. Making sure elephants live into the future is one of our goals which we realize with every birth. Arjaan Daeng and Ayutthaya dignitaries came to make merit and bless our new baby and Baitoy. The baby has been named Pang Faa Mai which means Lady of the new skies. ‘Fah’ means sky. ‘Mai’ means new. In this particular context, ‘mai’ also means ‘rebirth’ or ‘reborn’…so, ‘the skies of rebirth’ is another good interpretation. ‘Fah Mai’ is the new sky that emerges after the dark clouds have cleared.

Birth No. 69 – 2 October 2017

What a big surprise this morning as we heard that Galaget just gave birth to a big healthy boy! It is our 69th baby born and is Galaget’s fourth baby. That is probably why she was so calm after she gave birth to her boy! Galaget’s baby boy has been named NawmKlao It means “The elephant who humbly pays his respects”.
‘Nawm’ means humble. ‘Klao’ is a literary term that combines the head and the aura. His name refers to an image of an elephant who bows his head to pay his respects.

Birth No. 68 – 10 May 2017

Our 68th birth has arrived early this morning! A handsome healthy baby boy to Faaloong! He was named Wisakha as he was born on Buddha Day, the most important day of the  lunar month of  Wisakha. When the babies are born on significant days they are named after those days to remind us all of how special they are. Although initially Wisakha had trouble drinking Faaloong’s milk initally, a concerted effort by Dr Ploy and her mahout led to success. What is more special is Wisakha is the grandson of Honey! We are thrilled to have 3 generations on site. Building our family future together!