Births 2018

Birth No. 73 – 25 December 2018

Welcome to the world Plai Ratchasak! Fifth baby from Pang Nampheung. His name means Elephant power of the royal order.  In ancient times, the term ‘ratchasak’ refers to the title and rank bestowed upon courtiers by the king himself. It is not so much used in the present-day, especially since we no longer operate according to the ancient system of noble rankings. The term can also generally mean ‘power and glory’, but in a more literary context. For an elephant to be named “Ratchasak”. This means placing him as an equivalent to a high-ranking noble bestowed with lands, titles and prestige. You can watch a live video of the birth on Facebook here

Birth No. 72 – 1 November 2018

Welcome to the world number 72! Pootson gives birth to a big healthy boy at 10.20 pm. This is Pootson’s, fifth baby! Her first was born in November 2000. His name is Plai Wiset Khun Chon, which means The Sorcerer of Elephant Lords. ‘Khun Chon’, being the root word, means ‘elephant’. But when combined with ‘wiset’ in front of the root word, the elephant is then transformed into one with great powers of magic and sorcery, a master-shaman of his herd and kind. Being a sorcerer by birth means that he had already lived the role of a sorcerer in previous incarnations, making that status of ‘lord of sorcerers’ his own birthright.

Birth No. 71 – 13 October 2018

This morning at 2am a big healthy baby girl was born to Buannoi. Baby is drinking well! This is Buannoi’s third baby. Elestayers will remember she is the one who had the baby in The Last Mahout! Our most recent precious joy has been named DawkRuwangPhung which means Yellow Star Flower Maiden. The colour yellow is important because it is the King’s colour and little Phung was born on the late King’s anniversary of his passing. The colour of the flower is a rich, intense yellow. All the flowers of the same cluster open at the same time, attracting large numbers of bees. A flower is only open for two days, before withering. The open flowers release a strong fragrance all day long.


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