Births 2006

Birth No. 25 – 29 September 2006

Princess enjoys 25th elephant birth at the Royal Kraal Village

The Royal Kraal Village celebrated their 25th elephant birth just after midnight on 29 September 2006 with Princess MC Rangsinoppadol Ukol present to witness the extraordinary event.

Princess MC Rangsinoppadol Ukol, renowned animal activist and conservation warrior was thrilled as the new baby was born with a wishing star in the sky. The Princess named the baby Muenlan, meaning “ten thousand million”. Rasamee (the mother) is beautiful, both in nature and structure and the baby reflects her attributes. I believe she is very special and she will be instrumental in helping to create the funds to make this place world famous, said Princess MC Rangsinoppadol Ukol.

Princess Rangsinoppadol is keen for the story of Ayutthaya and the King’s elephants to continue. I love this place as it is retaining the old traditions and is reestablishing the Royal Field which belonged to the King and his elephants.

The owner of the elephants, Mr Laithongrien Meepan was extremely happy. For many hundreds of years this has been the Royal Kraal and it is particularly special tonight that the elephants and a member of the royal family have come together again on this most auspicious of occasions.

It is the 25th successful birth since the first baby, Pang Phetmanee was born in February 2000. The breeding program is vital to ensure the survival of highly endangered Asian elephants. The incredible success of the program is based on the simple fact that healthy, happy elephants breed. Our elephants enjoy the highest standard of care and we aim to serve as a model for other working elephant camps, said Mr Laithongrien Meepan.

The cutting edge breeding program uses a selection process based on temperament and structure. Prai Wang the father is aged 30 and has been at the Kraal for over four years and fathered two babies. Muenlan is also Rasamees second baby.

Birth No. 24 – 3 September 2006

Pang Yitor did a great job delivering her latest baby. In honour of Steve Irwin he was nicknamed Crikey.

Birth No. 23 – 13 March 2006

We are thrilled to announce that 19 year old Wandek has given birth to her second baby. Auspiciously, it arrived on 13 March, National Elephant Day. A strong, healthy baby boy. Hence he was named Plai WanChang which literally means Elephant Day. Her mahout was surprised that she had already given birth. She was at work the day of the birth and was playing up a  bit, I wasnt sure why, he said. Giving birth that night certainly explained her out of the ordinary behaviour. The father Prai Wang is a fantastic strong bull and already his son is showing signs of being just like his father.